Thumler's Rotary Tumblers

Model B Rotary Tumbler

Model B (Stk #140)
The standard of handloading experts. Heavy Duty, professional quality tumbler. Features larger, more powerful motor - continous duty, fan-cooled with overload protection. Steel hexagon barrel with removable rubber lining for long, efficient and quiet operation. 15lb capacity. 5 year guarantee on barrel and liner. Extensively used by serious hobbyists, laboratories, schools, industry for an unlimited variety of tumbling and mixing operations.


Model A-R1

<-- Model A-R1 Special Kit No. 102

3lb. capacity tumbler. One rubber barrel. Deluxe kit contains Model A-R1 tumbler (pictured left) which has larger motor than Model T, set of 4 grades of polishing abrasives, generous supply of polishing rock, jewelry findings.

Model T No. 100 -->

3lb. capacity tumbler. One rubber barrel. 115V continuous duty motor - impedance protected. For the beginner. Does a quality job of polishing stones. Lighter motor than other models. Besides tumbler, kit contains polishing rock, 4 grades of polishing abrasives, jewelry findings and booklet A Guide For Rock Polishers

Model T
Model A-R12

<-- Model A-R12 No. 130

Deluxe, large 12 lb. capacity hexagon rubber barrel. Quiet, efficient operation. Well-suited for the serious rock hobbyist or for the sportsman as a case polisher for handloaded ammunition. Overload protection, continuous duty, fan-cooled motor.

Model A-R2 No. 115 -->

Versatile two-barrel, 6 lb. capacity tumbler. Uses two 3lb. capacity, long-life, molded rubber barrels. Ideal for small batches of single-type stones for jewelry making or for brass polishing. Heavy continuous duty, fan-cooled motor. Overload protected.

Model A-R2
Model A-R1

<-- Model A-R1 No. 103

Sturdy one-barrel tumbler, 3 lb. capacity with molded rubber barrel. Large motor. Overload protected...if the motor overheats, unit automatically shuts off.

Model A-R6 No. 120 -->

Deluxe 9 lb. capacity rubber barrel will accomodate larger size rocks. Ideal for brass polishing. Large continuous duty fan-cooled motor. Overload protected.

Model A-R6


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